Update to ‘Disneyland Explorer’ App


The ‘Disneyland Explorer’ App has some new updates many of you may want to check out!

In addition to the 130 attractions, characters and entertainment to explore, you can now stop by ‘Fantasy Faire’ as well as ‘Mickey + the Magical Map’. You can also have fun with 16 classic attractions and corresponding activities.

My kids absolutely ❤ this app and have some much fun playing it. They can move around the different attractions to play games, watch videos, solve puzzles and look at beautiful vibrant pictures of Disneyland. Just enough to get a small fix of the Disney parks!

The Disneyland Explorer App is a free download available for ipad, iphone and the ipod touch!

Hidden Mickey Pin Trading

Pin Trading

Good news for those of us obsessed with Disney Pin Trading (okay, maybe obsessed is a strong word, how about highly interested!!!). There will be new Hidden Mickey pins available to trade in both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts!

The latest set of 2013 Hidden Mickey pins will be available at the Disney Parks by end of July.

The new pins fill the collection that was first released in February 2013. These pins are given to cast members to use for trading with guests.

We were never big into pin trading our first few visits to Disney World, but on the last visit became obsessed, ahem, I mean highly interested. It almost became our mission to scope out the best pins. Thank god my husband has good eyes and was scoping out awesome pins from far away. Me on the other hand has to get close to cast members in order to get a decent view at the pins – and seriously, how awkward is it to be staring at people’s chests to check out their pins. And don’t even get me started on checking out the square of pins they wear on their belt. Try bending down to stare at that and not turn red!

Any other pin collectors out there? Will you be scoping out the new Hidden Mickey’s this summer/fall?

Where’s My Mickey?

Based on Disney’s most popular mobile game franchise, Where’s My Mickey introduces a whole new set of physics-based gameplay. Enjoy the full gaming experience including 5 humourous and unique episodes starring the mouse himself! Tap, swipe and swirl to help Mickey collect water and complete each story! Also included in the content are 6 Goofy puzzles for free!

The Where’s My Mickey app is currently $1.99 US for ipad users and $0.99 US for iphone users and is downloadable on itunes. Other platforms may be available as well.

Where's My Mickey?

Where’s My Mickey?

Partners Statue Anniversary!

Partners Statue Magic Kingdom Disney World

Partners Statue
Magic Kingdom
Disney World

This week, back in 1995, the Partners Statue at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World was unveiled. The statue pays tribute to Walt Disney and his ‘partner’, Mickey Mouse!

There are many stories as to the meaning behind the statue – Walt is pointing at the future; Walt is pointing at his brother Roy telling him to carry on with the Disney vision; Walt is telling Mickey to look at all the happy people coming to visit Disney World – the stories and rumours are endless.

A similar statue was unveiled in Disneyland earlier on November 18, 1993 (Mickey’s official birthday) and the sculptor Blaine Gibson, told media the meaning behind the statue is Walt telling Mickey “Look what we’ve accomplished together“.

One other interesting fact: The hand hold between Mickey and Walt is based on the scene in the 1940 Disney film Fantasia, where Mickey shakes the hand of composer Leopold Stokowski.

I personally, like the idea that Walt is pointing at the crowd telling Mickey to look at all the happy people coming to visit Disney World. To me, just the way he is gesturing his arm is like he is waving at visitors and welcoming them into his dream.

So what do you think the statue depicts?

Family of the Day

Chef Mickey 2012

Chef Mickey

One of the things I would like to share on this blog from time to time are tips and tricks for vacationing in Walt Disney World. As I have only vacationed in Disney World, thus far, these tips are strictly for the Walt Disney World Parks and do not necessarily apply to Disneyland in California.

Would you like to be the “Family of the Day”?

The first tip I would like to share with you relates to Chef Mickey’s restaurant inside the Contemporary Hotel in Walt Disney World. Last year, to our surprise, we were chosen as “Chef Mickey’s Family of the Day”. Our family was announced , my kids officially “opened” the restaurant, and Chef Mickey greeted them at the entrance, walking them through the restaurant to our special table where they signed Mickey’s autograph book! Because we had the restaurant to ourselves, we took many pictures with Mickey and received a separate photo pass with all of the Disney photographer’s photos starting from our announcement at the entrance to our interactions inside with Mickey.

So how do you get chosen?

There’s no exact science to it. It’s part planning, part luck. But based on our experiences and the experience of other families chosen, you need a reservation time for Chef Mickey’s for around 5 p.m. (ours was 5:05 p.m.). At very busy times of the year dinner may start earlier, so make sure you choose the first meal seating time, whatever it is.  You also need to show up about 15-20 minutes early for ‘check-in’. Be friendly and show your excitement for being there!  I’ve also read that they like to choose families with two children, so Mickey can hold one child in each hand, but I don’t know if that’s an actual ‘thing’ or not.

Be persistent with checking the online reservation system. These times get booked up first, but people do drop reservations all the time, so keep checking!!

While there is no guarantee of getting chosen as Family of the Day, these tips should help you get closer to that goal! Good luck and if you’re chosen, enjoy! My kids still talk about it and it was definitely a highlight of their trip last year!