Changes to the MyMagic+ and the FastPass+ system

Starting today, some big changes are in effect for MyMagic+ and the FastPass+ system.

Using the ‘old’ system of FastPass+, guests were only allowed to book three FastPass+ options for their Disney MagicBand per day. Once those three were completed for the day, you were out of luck. Have fun with the line-ups.

BUT starting today, guests can now select additional FastPass options once they have used their first three FastPass+ selections! Much like the old system, when they’ve used that fourth selection, they will then be able to book another, and then another, and so on, and so forth. The only downside: these subsequent selections will have to be made at kiosks inside the parks (hello line-ups?).

Also, Guests are now able to select their additional FastPass+ selections from different parks, using the Park Hopping method. For instance, if I was at Magic Kingdom all morning and used my initial three FastPass+ options, I could then make a fourth option for Test Track at Epcot and park hop over there for the rest of the day. This was not available using the original FastPass+ system.

Having used the MagicBands on our last trip we found the system seamless and had no troubles. Our one complaint was that you could only book three FastPass+ options per day, but this new method seems to take care of that. However, having to line up at kiosks to make your fourth, fifth, sixth choice doesn’t really seem ideal. Making use of the My Disney Experience Mobile App seems to be a better use of time and energy. However, from what I’m reading, you can make your choice at the kiosk, and then modify it using the Mobile App. Seems like a decent compromise…..for now!

Any thoughts on the changes to MyMagic+ and FastPass+? What’s been your experience using the systems?


Happy Anniversary Animal Kingdom!

Animal Kingdom

Happy Earth Day!

It’s also another special day – Animal Kingdom celebrates it’s 15 year anniversary today! The fourth park built in Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom originally opened on April 22, 1998. The ‘lands’ included in the 1998 opening included Africa, Discovery Island, Oasis, Camp Minnie + Mickey, Rafiki’s Planet Watch and Dinoland U.S.A. The land ‘Asia’ was added one year later in 1999.

Animal Kingdom is home to many of my favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. You CANNOT beat the Kilimanjaro Safari Ride, which over the course of a day spent at AK we will ride a few times just to see what animals have been hiding or have decided to come out and play! Other favorites of our family include Kali River Rapids (ride when you are just about to leave the park or you’ll be soaked ALL DAY!), Expedition Everest, the Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo the Musical. Our favorite place to eat in Animal Kingdom is Restaurauntasaurus.

So what are your favorites in Animal Kingdom? Any ‘MUST DO’s” on your list?

AVATAR coming to Animal Kingdom




Animal Kingdom is about to get a whole lot cooler….

Disney Parks Blog announced early this morning, that plans for AVATAR at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom are well under way!

At the first ever D23 Expo held in Japan, the first images for the new section of Animal Kingdom were revealed, and to say it’s going to be amazing is an understatement. Check out the photos!

According to the concept renderings, AVATAR will feature floating mountains, allow guests to soar through the sky riding a Banshee, and wander through the nighttime jungle of bioluminescent plants! Gorgeous!

There is no official date on when construction will start or when the project will be completed (right now Disney is estimating sometime in 2017), but I for one think this will be a great boost to an already awesome park in Disney World! Can’t wait!!! 🙂

Starbucks Heaven

Hot off the presses!!

Disney Parks Blog has just announced that Fountain View at Epcot in Walt Disney World has reopened and is now serving Starbucks products.

You’ll remember a while back Starbucks being added to the Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom. And more Walt Disney World locations are coming! Starbucks will soon be served at Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and yes, even Downtown Disney.