Frozen Grosses $1 Billion at the Box Office

Frozen Cast

Disney’s Oscar Award winning animated feature film ‘Frozen’ has grossed more than $1 Billion at the box office in less than four months. This makes Frozen the 18th highest grossing film of all time.

Let’s say that again: OF.ALL.TIME.

And the second highest grossing animated film after Toy Story 3. Not that I’m surprised. I felt the movie was incredible, the scenery was beautiful and the characters left something for everyone to enjoy. Both my kids are still talking about the movie and singing the songs. Ok, I’ll admit it, so am I.

The good news: Disney is already in talks for a sequel and producing a Broadway show based on the film.

The bad news: Merchandise is hard to find at most stores (I am finding, at least). Have you checked e-bay lately? People are selling items for double, triple and even quadruple what they paid for them (not to mention what they’re really worth after the enormous ‘mark up’).

As Elsa would say…..”Let it go”…..


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