Glow with the Show

Glow with the Show

On Tuesday, the ‘Fantasmic!’ show at Hollywood Studios debuted the “Glow with the Show” ear technology.

Essentially, guests can purchase “Glow with the Show” ear hats throughout the park, and then proudly wear them for the ‘Fantasmic!” show later on to officially be part of the show! This new ear hat technology will be part of the nightly show from now on!

If that’s not enough, the “Glow with the Show” ears will also work at Magic Kingdom’s “Celebrate the Magic” nighttime projection show as well as “Wishes” fireworks starting this Saturday, October 19!

Guests can pick up these cool ears for a mere $25. Yikes!

The whole idea sounds awesome to me! However, paying $50 for 2 pairs (one for each kid) seems ridiculously steep. How on earth am I going to rationalize this to my husband?!?

But, anything to get closer to the magic! 😉


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