Little Mermaid Released Today!

Little Mermaid Blu Ray

In addition to today marking the 42nd anniversary of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, one of my favorite princess movies, The Little Mermaid, was released on Blu Ray and DVD!

Found everywhere in stores and on-line, you can buy the Blu Ray/DVD Combo; the Diamond Edition Blu Ray/DVD/Digital Combo; or the 3D Diamond Edition Blu Ray/3D Blu Ray/DVD/Digital + Music Combo.

The family took a trek out to our local electronics store this evening and purchased a copy of the 3D Diamond Edition Combo pack, because I figured for the extra few dollars I would get the Music Download, which includes 10 music tracks, as well as the 3D Blu Ray copy which I am hearing very good things about.

If that isn’t exciting enough, coming on November 19 you can purchase Little Mermaid II and Ariel’s Beginning in a 2 Movie Blu Ray/DVD Combo Pack. All in time for Christmas!

Now the bigger question is, can I keep it hidden and sealed until Christmas……. 😉


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