Disney Infinity Out Now!

Disney Infinity

On August 18, Disney released their latest and greatest Disney product, Disney INFINITY. Disney INFINITY is a platform video game using Disney + Pixar figurines to synchronize with the game allowing gamers to customize their gaming experience, or play in the world of their character!

A Disney Infinity starter pack ($75 US/CDN) includes the video game, INFINITY base, 3 figurines (Mr. Incredible, Jack Sparrow + Sulley), 3 INFINITY Play Sets (Monsters Inc, Pirates of the Caribbean, Incredibles), a Power Disc, and web codes to unlock online content.

How Do You Play the Game?

Place your INFINITY figure onto the power base to jump into a playset and experience adventures in the characters original world. For more creative types, unlock virtual toys from various playsets and mix them together to make your OWN world to play in! Sounds good so far….

Battle enemies, problem solve, complete challenges (sounds like the Amazing Race….) and overall, have fun!

Ahhh….the catch! The more you play the game, the more stuff you unlock! So get those eye drops handy, you’re going to be playing for a while!!

Other INFINITY playsets and figures are available and more will become available as the game gains more steam with consumers. Figure packs range from $30 – 35 US/CDN. Individual figures will run you about $13 US/CDN.

Disney INFINITY is available on all major gaming platforms including: PS3, XBOX, WiiU, Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

We will for sure be picking up this game for our kids (and ourselves, who am I kidding?), but with a price tag of $75 I think I’ll wait a bit until the price goes down. Or at least until the Black Friday/Boxing Day rush to see if it goes on sale a bit. But the previews for the game seem awesome and I know this is something my kids would definitely enjoy!

Will you be purchasing Disney INFINITY?


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