2013 Disney Legends Inductees

The Disney Legends Award recognizes the imagination, creativity and extraordinary contribution inductees have brought to Disney over the course of their career. Introduced in 1987, recipients are chosen by a selection committee made up of Disney executives, historians and authorities.

Past recipients of this award include Fred MacMurray (1987), Julie Andrews (1991), Buddy Epsen (1993), Jack Linquist (1994), Angela Landsbury (1995), Roy E. Disney (1998), Tim Allen (1999), Allan Menken (2001), Sir Tim Rice (2002), Buddy Hackett (2003), Elton John (2006), Randy Newman (2007), cast of The Golden Girls (2009), Robin Williams (2009), Jim Hensen (2011), Jodi Benson (2011), & Paige O’Hara (2011).

This year, the Disney Legend Award Nominees are:

1. Steve Jobs – brilliant innovator and cofounder of Apple, Steve was an early investor and Chief Executive with Pixar and held a position on the Disney board of Directors.

2. Dick Clark – best known as the host of American Bandstand and Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve, Dick was also a producer of numerous game shows, awards shows, tv specials and more.

3. Billy Crystal – Billy is a talented actor who has won 6 Emmys & 1 Tony award. Oh, and he’s also the voice of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc & Monsters University!

4. John Goodman – John is best known for his countless films and tv roles (Roseanne!) but Disney fans know him best as James P. Sullivan (Sulley) from Monsters Inc. and Monsters University.

5.Tony Baxter – Tony developed countless Disney attractions over his 43 years with Disney Imagineering including Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. Thanks for the thrills Tony!

6. Glen Keane – a Disney animator since 1974, Glen has animated such classic characters as Elliot from Pete’s Dragon, Beast from Beauty and the Beast as well as lead characters in The Little Mermaid, Pocohontas, Aladdin, Tarzan and Tangled. Almost all of my favorite Disney movies! Awesome!!

7. Collin Campbell – Collin worked in Disney animated classics, theme park attractions, live action film & tv.

8. Ed Wynn – Ed appeared in numerous Disney classics such as Mary Poppins & Babes in Toyland.

The 2013 Disney Legends will be awarded at a special ceremony at the D23 Expo on August 10, 2013. Inductees will receive a two foot tall bronze sculpture and participate in a handprint ceremony. The bronzed prints will then be displayed at the Disney Legends Plaza at Disney Headquarters in Burbank, California. The ceremony will be hosted by none other than Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing with the Stars.

Do you agree with this year’s list of inductees?


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