Hidden Mickey Pin Trading

Pin Trading

Good news for those of us obsessed with Disney Pin Trading (okay, maybe obsessed is a strong word, how about highly interested!!!). There will be new Hidden Mickey pins available to trade in both the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts!

The latest set of 2013 Hidden Mickey pins will be available at the Disney Parks by end of July.

The new pins fill the collection that was first released in February 2013. These pins are given to cast members to use for trading with guests.

We were never big into pin trading our first few visits to Disney World, but on the last visit became obsessed, ahem, I mean highly interested. It almost became our mission to scope out the best pins. Thank god my husband has good eyes and was scoping out awesome pins from far away. Me on the other hand has to get close to cast members in order to get a decent view at the pins – and seriously, how awkward is it to be staring at people’s chests to check out their pins. And don’t even get me started on checking out the square of pins they wear on their belt. Try bending down to stare at that and not turn red!

Any other pin collectors out there? Will you be scoping out the new Hidden Mickey’s this summer/fall?


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