Monsters University Review!

Monsters University

Monsters University

Vacation, vacation, vacation! What to do while on vacation? That’s the dilemma we struggle with every year when my husband takes off a week in July. Well, on Tuesday we figured out something fun to do with the kids – we took them to the theater to see Disney/Pixar’s latest film, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY!!

Now, I have to admit my little guy was nervous, as the original movie scares him a little, or so he remembers (he hasn’t seen it in a while). But the promise of popcorn and the big screen had him excited so off we went! Tickets, popcorn, drinks and seats and we were set!

The movie starts out with Mike as a toddler (omg so cute!!!) visiting the Monster scare floor on a field trip. Needless to say, it becomes his life mission to become a top scarer at the factory after a few key moments happen!

Next the movie takes us to Monsters University where Mike meets Sulley in his ‘scaring’ course (their University Major). They immediately dislike each other and without giving anything away, another character from the original movie appears……as Mike’s roommate and FRIEND no less!

Eventually Mike and Sulley work together with their new fraternity brothers, Oozma Kappa (OK). The new characters in this fraternity are fabulous and will have you giggling throughout the movie (can you say “mature student”?!?).

Overall the movie was fantastic, both of my kids loved it as well as my husband and myself. It was, to me, better than the original movie only because it was a bit lighter and not really focused on the scary aspect, which does appear in the movie, but isn’t really the main focus.

My kids are already talking about buying it when it comes out, which they almost NEVER talk about when we see a movie, so I know this one is definitely a hit!So if you haven’t seen Monsters University, give it a try! If you have seen it, let us know what you think!


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