Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates Life for Me!

Pirates_Of_The_Caribbean__At_World_s_End__2007__Geoffrey_Rush__Bill_Nighy__Yun-Fat_Chow[1]All this talk lately about Disney’s new movie The Lone Ranger and it’s star Johnny Depp has me thinking about pirates in Disney movies…and which one is my favorite.

If we’re talking all-time favorite classic pirate, I’m going to have to go with Captain Hook. He’s sneaky, he’s evil and he’s downright a bad guy, but isn’t that what a great villain is all about? His relationship with Smee and his failed revenge-attempts on Peter Pan (and now Jake) are entertaining to say the least. Not to mention his absolute fear of crocodiles, specifically the Croc who ate his hand and who now follows him around because he has a “taste” for Captain Hook. Seriously, does it get any better than that?

It does, if you like a more up-to-date, human version of a pirate in the form of one Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack is the main protagonist in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, played by the dashing Johnny Depp. Jack is legendary, always up for adventure, a bit of a mess sometimes, but he’ll remind you, he’s always a ‘Captain’.

So those are my favorites! Some other notable pirates in the Disney family include:
Jake (from Jake & the Neverland Pirates)
Captain Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)
Blackbeard (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)
Davey Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise)

So who is your favorite pirate + why?


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