Excitement for Monsters University!

Monsters University in theatres June 21

Monsters University
in theatres June 21

With the school year winding down, the kids are winding up to see Sulley and Mike Wazowski head to Monsters University!

Set to hit theatres next Friday, June 21, this Disney/Pixar film focuses on the relationship between Sulley and Mike during their days at MU. Thing is, they couldn’t stand each other. Cue hi-jinx, silliness, and a lot of laughs as we watch Mike and Sulley overcome their differences to become best friends and future top ‘scarers’.

As a special treat Disney Store is offering Monsters University plush for $6! This week they focus on the pledges from the HSS and JOX houses. Next week you can see pledges from the EEK and OK houses.

My kids are super excited to see Monsters University, as the trailers have been showing for quite some time now. We will definitely be checking this one out when it hits theatres on June 21!


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