Princess Royal Court

Disney Princess Royal Court

Disney Princess Royal Court

One month ago today on May 11 2013, Merida, the spirited, adventurous princess from Brave was inducted into the Princess Royal Court at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The princesses featured in the Royal Court are chosen based on how well they fit into “The Princess Mythology”, rather than specific ties to actual ‘Royalty’.


The current line-up of Princesses in the Royal Court are:

~Snow White

It has been announced that Anna, from the Disney Animation Studios film Frozen, will officially join the Princess Royal Court in 2014. The film Frozen is set to hit theatres on November 27, 2013.

Playing Favorites?

So who are the favorites in my house?

My daughter’s favorite princesses are Rapunzel, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White and most recently Merida. Of course she has more than one favorite, but really, should any little girl have to choose just one princess? On our last trip to Disney she was all dressed up in her Merida costume and had so much fun interacting with the ‘very animated’ Merida, who was very playful and fun with the kids!

My son says his favorite princess is Merida because she is “so beautiful and brave”. Like my daughter, he also had fun interacting with Merida at Disney World and was beside himself with glee that she was acting silly with him (he was 4 at the time). His previous favorites include Belle, Snow White and Aurora, mostly due to the fact he received kisses from them at various character greetings in Disney World. He got to the point where he was expecting kisses and was disappointed if he didn’t get one!!

So we’ve shared our favorites. Who are your favorite Disney princesses and why?

7 thoughts on “Princess Royal Court

    • Jasmine & Tiana are awesome, I agree! Tiana has the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen on a Disney princess. And meeting Jasmine at Disney World was the biggest treat for the kids – I’ll blog on that another day! 😉

  1. I’m not a little girl anymore (booho), but I hope I’m allowed to have more than one favourite as well 😀 Because I actually pretty much love all of them. I can’t relate to Tiana & Merida that much for some reason, maybe because the movies are quite new, but then again I also really love Rapunzel. My absolute favourite is Belle though! And Mulan is very high on the list.

    • I have to say I agree with you….I have my favorites as well and I am no where near being a ‘little girl’ anymore! 😉 My all-time favorite is Rapunzel. She is just so adorable and I loved that whole movie. Belle is pretty high up there as well along with Ariel. Probably the movies we’ve watched millions of times and I can’t get out of my head!! LOL!

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  3. Its not just Anna but also Elsa too. Here is the link to the article that is the official announcement of Elsa and Anna’s coronation into the Disney Princess Royal Court. (Zoom into the article to read it.)

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