Happy Birthday Donald Duck!


Happy 79th Birthday Donald Duck!

Today is Donald Fauntleroy Duck’s birthday! His birthday is officially recognized by Disney as June 9, 1934, the day he debuted in “The Wise Little Hen”, a Silly Symphony cartoon.

Donald is one of the most popular Disney cartoon characters of all time (one of my personal favorites!), starting out in supporting roles, but quickly moving up into starring roles after audiences loved his fiery short temper!

So how can we celebrate Donald’s birthday? Here are some fun ideas for you & your family!

  • feed some ducks!
  • play Duck, Duck, Mouse!
  • play the video game “Epic Mickey” or “Kinect Disneyland Adventures”
  • read “Donald Duck, The Old Castle’s Secret” by Carl Barks
  • watch the movie, ‘The Three Caballeros’
  • watch the movie, “Fantasia”
  • watch an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – “Donald the Genie” or my kids personal favorite, “Donald the Frog Prince”!

How will you celebrate Donald’s birthday?


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