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Chef Mickey 2012

Chef Mickey

One of the things I would like to share on this blog from time to time are tips and tricks for vacationing in Walt Disney World. As I have only vacationed in Disney World, thus far, these tips are strictly for the Walt Disney World Parks and do not necessarily apply to Disneyland in California.

Would you like to be the “Family of the Day”?

The first tip I would like to share with you relates to Chef Mickey’s restaurant inside the Contemporary Hotel in Walt Disney World. Last year, to our surprise, we were chosen as “Chef Mickey’s Family of the Day”. Our family was announced , my kids officially “opened” the restaurant, and Chef Mickey greeted them at the entrance, walking them through the restaurant to our special table where they signed Mickey’s autograph book! Because we had the restaurant to ourselves, we took many pictures with Mickey and received a separate photo pass with all of the Disney photographer’s photos starting from our announcement at the entrance to our interactions inside with Mickey.

So how do you get chosen?

There’s no exact science to it. It’s part planning, part luck. But based on our experiences and the experience of other families chosen, you need a reservation time for Chef Mickey’s for around 5 p.m. (ours was 5:05 p.m.). At very busy times of the year dinner may start earlier, so make sure you choose the first meal seating time, whatever it is.  You also need to show up about 15-20 minutes early for ‘check-in’. Be friendly and show your excitement for being there!  I’ve also read that they like to choose families with two children, so Mickey can hold one child in each hand, but I don’t know if that’s an actual ‘thing’ or not.

Be persistent with checking the online reservation system. These times get booked up first, but people do drop reservations all the time, so keep checking!!

While there is no guarantee of getting chosen as Family of the Day, these tips should help you get closer to that goal! Good luck and if you’re chosen, enjoy! My kids still talk about it and it was definitely a highlight of their trip last year!


One thought on “Family of the Day

  1. This does happen so if your going to Chef Mickey’s for dinner make sure you go around 5PM. The kids loved it and skipped along with Mickey laughing and giggling all the way to their table. Great experience!

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