Ahoy Mateys!

Jake's Pirate Ship Bucky - 10514 (msrp $39.99)

Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky – 10514 (msrp $39.99)

Neverland Hideout - 10513 (msrp $24.99)

Neverland Hideout – 10513 (msrp $24.99)

Jake's Treasure Hunt - 10512 (msrp $14.99)

Jake’s Treasure Hunt – 10512 (msrp $14.99)

Calling all Jake fans!

New for 2013, Lego has released a line of Lego Duplo sets featuring Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Go on a treasure hunt with Jake and Skully, play in the Neverland Hideout with Izzy + Cubby, and sail the seas with Jake’s Pirate Ship Bucky including Jake and that sneaky snook Captain Hook!

Available now at www.lego.com and all major toys stores.


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